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LA-Z-BOY 1980

Stock Exchange as well. Known as the media decade, the '80s were defined by sitcoms, spin-offs and cable, which increased our television-viewing options to an unprecedented 56 channels. People spent more time than ever in front of their TVs watching Cosby, Cheers and 60 Minutes.In the late 1980s, La-Z-Boy announced that "Nobody Has Rocked More Babies to Sleep Than We Have." It also turned the spotlight away from spokespeople and onto its expanded product line with the memorable slogan "And You Thought We Just Made a Great Recliner."

La-Z-Boy was expanding all right. After years as primarily a recliner manufacturer, the company turned its focus toward designing other "motion" products, including reclining sofas, sleep sofas and modular groups. In 1983, La-Z-Boy charted new territory when it introduced its first line of stationary sofas. Then came The American Home Collection by La-Z-Boyจ in 1992. This upscale collection of stationary sofas and chairs earned La-Z-Boy respect and recognition as much more than a chair company.

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